Today in the city Spring Valley 24.02.2018
Today's best deals include smart TVs with free Dell gift cards, air fryers, and robot vacuums

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Can we t...

Dropbox, a company that turned down an offer from Steve Jobs in 2009, is finally going public

The place where you may or may not store and share your photos, PDFs, and other documents is going public.  Dropbox, a cloud storage company based in Silicon Valley's heart San Francisco, is list...

MLB Honors School Shooting Victims With Special Caps

MLB honors school shooting victims by wearing their caps, welcoming coach and players to spring training fields.

DHS Deputy Secretary Elaine Duke announces retirement

Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine C. Duke announced Friday her retirement for this coming spring.

We're Letting You In On Our Best-Kept Shopping Secret

Every fashion person has that one brand they try to keep to themselves for fear of someone else getting to the good stuff before they do. For me, that best-kept secret is Oak + Fort, a Canadian brand...

I'm An Interior Designer & I Spend $8,000 A Year On Skin Care

Welcome to Beauty Diaries, where we’re tracking how much money people actually spend on their beauty routines. Whether it’s rooted in self-care or self-expression, they explain, in their own words, wh...

A Silicon Valley billionaire is fighting to keep a beloved beach near his $37 million estate off-limits to the public — and he's taking his case to the Supreme Court

The battle between tech titan Vinod Khosla and California activists is heating up. This week, Khosla filed an appeal with the US Supreme Court to overturn a 2017 ruling that forced him to open public...

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